18Sep 2017
It's not very often you get great service and a reasonable price these day, so I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across Moving Firm. They provided an exceptional house removals service, and yet came in way under my budget, which was an added bonus. Love getting real value for money, and that is precisely what they offer.
Steve Coral
10Feb 2016
I hired Removals and both of their packing and unpacking services. I wasn't worried about moving house, but I was worried about getting my properties in shape. With my family to take care of, packing and unpacking seemed nearly impossible tasks and I'm really glad that I found this service when I did! If you're stuck for time and need help with packing, this is the company to call!
Emma P.
21Aug 2015
I highly recommend Removal Company if you need reliable van hire. They have a really good selection of vans and some very affordable rates too. I found a van big enough for all of my furniture, for a price that was low enough for my budget! Couldn't ask for more!
14Jul 2015
I would certainly recommend the team at HammersmithRemovals, they were very professional and their prices were fixed with no hidden costs. Dealing with this company was so easy; it made the move more exciting because I was not worried so much. I felt that they had things under control from my first contact with the team up until moving day I found that everybody I dealt with was helpful, friendly and well organised.
Frank Burr
07Oct 2014
I was really dreading moving to my new house. I had a four bedroom house to pack up, three kids to deal with and only a week before I'd have to start my new job! I was tearing my hair out with stress and worry until someone told me I should hire HammersmithRemovals. Their moving house services are absolutely fabulous, and I can't think of anything they could improve on! From customer service to lifting and loading, the movers here took the stress out of my moving day so I could get settled! Very happy, would use again!
Louise Davidson
18Sep 2014
I've never used a removals company before in my life. That's because most of the time they charge horrific prices. But my mate told me HammersmithRemovals offers services at good value for money so of course I couldn't refuse. I used their man and van service for the first time ever and I must say, I was ever so pleased with their service. I couldn't be happier. All in all, if you need a good removals service, hire this company and I don't doubt you will be impressed with them.
Tyler S.
13Aug 2014
Whenever someone says to me now that they are moving home or they need a removals company I always immediately say to them get in touch with HammersmithRemovals. The reason I do this is because I have used them twice now and both times it's been a wonderful experience. One time in particular was a major move to my present address and I knew I just couldn't take any chance hiring any other company apart from this one. They are friendly to deal with as well and apart from the great price I would give a particular mention to the wonderful removal men who are very hard-working and clearly dedicated. Quite simply, use this company for better removals.
Charles F.
25Jul 2014
HammersmithRemovals were absolutely fantastic when it came to my international move, and without the experienced help of their dedicated and professional movers, I simply wouldn't have been able to cope! The team worked well to ensure that my belongings made it safely to their new home without any breakages or damages, and everything arrived precisely when it was supposed to. Not a single thing went wrong, and from planning to conception, this company's international removals service was flawlessly executed. I couldn't be happier with what was an easy and stress-free move. All my thanks for making moving so simple for my family and I!
26Jun 2014
I had thought that I was going to lose my mind with everything that was going on during the move. Because of all of the minor details to focus on and my natural disorganisation, I really thought the move might be the end of me. So I decided to give professional help a call and in doing so I managed to find HammersmithRemovals. It was via them that everything suddenly made a lot more sense and that I was able to focus on getting a really great moving solution. So if you're looking to do away with stress: perfect.
L. Summers
08May 2014
I am all for honest work for honest pay, and that is exactly what you get with HammersmithRemovals. A decent team of hard working lads was exactly what we needed on our recent move, and that is exactly what we got! I was very impressed by how easily everything went, and it is not without gratitude to them and their efforts that I write this. I would whole heartedly recommend that people who need a good value removal get in touch with them, and I hope that writing this gets them more business, as they definitely deserve it!
Alex S.
15Apr 2014
I was super pleased with our recent removals job with HammersmithRemovals! They were really lovely, and the whole thing went by in a flash because it was so easy! The packing service that we got from them was a lot cheaper than I had thought it would be, and it meant that I didn't have to take any time off of work to get it sorted, so it pretty much paid for itself! I will be using the team again, but hopefully I won't need to move for a long while yet! A fantastic job form a great bunch of people, who come very highly recommended from the Hardy household!
A. Hardy
03Apr 2014
What an excellent removal company! I got lots of help from HammersmithRemovals and the movers helped to make my house move quick and easy. I'd heard a lot of horror stories about scams with removal companies so I did a lot of research before making my choice and I definitely picked the right company! There were no hidden fees or surprise costs and I had everything sorted for me in just a few hours. My movers were really lovely and friendly, and they definitely had lots of experience, which really showed when it came to moving my heavy furniture! I couldn't be happier with this company - thanks for all of the help!
05Mar 2014
I'm pretty sure that everyone worries about moving home. The idea of packing up all of your things and having them carted some place new is incredibly daunting. I thought this to, until someone put me in touch with HammersmithRemovals. They took me in and showed me that the entire procedure doesn't have to be hard, at least not when you hire the right professionals. I'm really grateful for the help they gave me in making sure that my move was stress free, and I'd suggest their help to anyone looking to move home.
Chris Thomas
17Feb 2014
I have always begrudged shelling out on movers to do a job that I always manage to do myself. That was until I had no time to get things done this time, so I scouted the internet for highly-recommended companies and came across HammersmithRemovals. After being provided with a good quote I decided to book them, and looked forward to seeing what all the fuss was about. Was I impressed. Knowing how much I sweat and toil moving my furniture with friends, these guys made it look like child's play. They did it quickly and without even the hint of a hiccup; I will be employing their services more in future!
24Jan 2014
I don't have one bad thing to say about HammersmithRemovals. I hired their help because I'd heard very good things about their office removal service, and I wanted to find reliable help to get me and my employees settled into my new office. Employee relocation is very difficult and I'm so glad that I had the help that I did! I chose this company because they have some of the best experience in the area and the prices were really reasonable for such a professional service. The movers arrived right on time and didn't let anything deter them. A great service!
Max P.
06Jan 2014
Given that we were moving quite close to Christmas, I was completely certain that our latest move would be absolute hell on earth! However, I was really nicely surprised by the fact that it was held together expertly by HammersmithRemovals who managed the whole thing with a great deal of finesse. You would do well to check them out if you are after a removals company who can deliver the results that you need, time after time! A stellar performance from the team, who were lovely to deal with, they come very highly recommended by us!
Henry Clark
07Nov 2013
More often than not, I am unimpressed by the service that I get recently. Whether it is an electrician or a builder, I always feel like they are ripping me off a little, because they know they can. I was happy to get a service that I felt I deserved and was happy to pay for from HammersmithRemovals, and I handed over my money knowing that I had been treated well. The staff were friendly, and the job was done perfectly well, so no complaints on my end. Highly recommended.
G. Hendricks
25Oct 2013
HammersmithRemovals were fantastic. I got the recommendation off a mate, and it paid off. I didn't expect that much, because you never know do you? As soon as I was on the phone they were pretty great though, and I was assured that the move would be made quick, simple and easy, which is all I could have asked for realistically. Nothing better than a good job done well, and in this case it was sorted by a load of friendly professionals, so a pretty good experience all round for me! Thanks again!
Kevin Klint
15Oct 2013
Being of a nervous disposition, I was a little worried about dealing with a removals firm, but the people at HammersmithRemovals were really good at keeping me relaxed and less concerned than I would have been otherwise. In essence I feel like the capability of the staff was what made me feel more relaxed, and I trusted them to look after my things whilst they were in transit. Our move was quite a long one, and despite this everything went smoothly. I would certainly use this company again for another move, though I'm not planning on doing that any time soon!
Roy Battersby


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